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    Hey everyone,
    I’m pumped to be back for Legion, and although I’ve been in the Little Rascals since Wrath, I’ve taken some breaks from time to time. I’m seeing a lot of new faces, and ya’ll all seem cool. Still, I’m curious, what’s your story?

    I’ll go first, I’ve been maining a Frost Mage in PVE since back before it was cool. We did our thing to be pretty good through Wrath and Cata, but life changes and I had to take a more casual route in Pandaria and Draenor. Legion’s going to be more of the same for me, although so far, that seems to be a pretty fun route to go. I like to goof off in gchat and help guildies whenever I can. Hit me up!



    Can use this thread as a introduction thread.

    Hi, my names Bryntt, and I’m an alcoholic. Lol. No, but for realsies. My name is Bryntt, and it’s pronounced briant. I joined Little Rascals early cata, can’t remember the date, and I loved to pvp. My characters are: Liquidautism, Downzy, Rendrin, and Tothehilt.

    The highest in pvp that I’ve been has been on priest, but I’ve been 2200 on rogue, at 2500. For those of you that don’t know what this means, I was within the top 3% of competing pvpers. If I were to go further into percents I was 100 points off glad which is .5%, basically I AM THE 1%. Lol.

    I enjoy raiding too. I play Liquidautism in raids currently as a holy priest. During my time with Little Rascals I raided as a holy pally as well named Rendrin. I believe the first real raid I was with the rascals was firelands. They carried me through the previous 2 raids, but it was nothing serious.

    I’m always willing to help other people, but the important thing is to ASK!!! Unlike Bill’s wife I’m not a mind reader, so I can’t be of assistance if you don’t ask me. This goes for pve, and pvp. If I don’t pvp at the time still feel free to ask me questions. I can 95% guarantee I’ll be able to answer your question. If I cant, it’s free. Lol.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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